Gift Stamp Duty Calculator
Gift Deed Stamp Duty Calculator

We are here to help you to calculate the amount you need to pay as Stamp Duty on Gift Deed and Registration Fee and Other Taxes on immovable property in Maharastra. Property located in Nagar Panchayat / Municipal Council and Municipal Corporation.

How much stamp duty, registration fee and other Taxes will I need to pay on Gift Deed in Maharashtra State ?

For Calculating stamp duty on gift Before calculating one has to understand the Article 34 of Shedule I of Maharashtra Stamp Act, related to Gift. Read More for better understanding

Market Value
 In Relation This is provided w.e.f. 24/04/2015.
If Residential or Agriculture Land is gifted to a family member being Husband, Wife, Son Daughter, Grand Son, Grand Daughter and Daughter in Law (Deceased Son)
Vide Notification : dated 31 March 2016, w.e.f. 01/04/2016 Registration Fee 200/- on Gift

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Source : Registration and Stamp Department, Pune Maharashtra

 Other Relation This is provided w.e.f. 01/05/2002.
If any immovable property is gifted to a family member being Brother or Sister of the donor or any lineal ascendant or descendant of the donor.

 Without Relation This is provided w.e.f. 01/05/2002.
If any immovable property is gifted without any consideration by any person to any person. Stamp duty is 5% on Market Value of Immovable property in the juridction area.

  Merto Cess Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban District.
w.e.f : 08/02/2019. The Maharashtra State has decided to charge an additional 1 per cent stamp duty surcharge on value of a property in juridiction of Mumbai City and Mumbai Suburban Distict in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). This additional levy on Gift Deed.

The urban development department had ordered the additional stamp duty surcharge under Section 149B of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, 1949, on property purchases in the jurisdiction of the municipal corporations of Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad where Metro projects are being executed.

  Local Body Tax Cess w.e.f. 13-03-2013
The Maharashtra Government had made provision in the Maharashtra Municipal Corporations (MMC) Act. The Urban Development Department issued a notification on 13th, March 2013 directing the department of registration and stamps to recover 1% (LBT) Local Body Tax additional to stamp duty to the civic bodies of Nagpur, Pune, Thane, Pimpri Chinchwad and Navi Mumbai on such documents like Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Mortgage Deed, etc. 1) Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, (In other Municipal Corporation Limits (LBT) Local Body Tax) is applicable.
2) Municipality / Municipal Council / Nagar Panchayat Limits
3) Zilla Prishad Limits

Note : Applicable for Nagpur (NMC / NIP etc.)
Maharashtra Government had increased stamp duty by 0.50% for the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) and passed on to the civic bodies.
So for better understanding the calculation, we have added 0.50% of stamp duty in LBT please make note of it.

 Nagpur Local Body Tax 4) Nagpur Improvement Trust Limits (NIT)

Stamp Duty  
Registration Fee  
Local Body Tax  
Metro Cess  
  after every calculation for better result.

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Note : The Online Gift Stamp Duty & Registration Fee Calculator for Gift Deed which provides you with an indication of amount you need to pay in form of taxes such as stamp duty and registration fee; your Advocate, Solisator, Chartered Accountant or Stamp Duty Consultant will be able to provide you with True Market Value of the property with final amount of the Stamp Duty and Registration Fee and other taxes its procedures. We always recommend our valuable users to obtain the proper Legal Advice from the professionals in this fields or confirm with the concern authority. Read full terms and condition with disclaimer carfully.

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Maharashtra State Government has provided various types of facilities to the public for the payment of Stamp Duty through various types of mode and has appointed Nationalized Banks, Schedule Banks, Private Banks and the Co-operative Banks which are authorized by Reserve Bank of India. With view that the facility of payment of stamp duty is made easily available to the public therefore different arrangements are in force.

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