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We, felt immensely that there is a need to develop a platform in order to elucidate and create an awareness that would make these stamp duty and registration procedure - a smooth ride rather than a bumpy and rough ride.

Our website is not a real estate portal but useful for those who are in real estate business or any one who would like to know the rates of the immovable properties in Maharashtra State.

This website covers stamp duty reckoner rate of the selected District, Talukas and Villages of Maharashtra State with the rates of Zones and Addresses of Registration Office, Stamp Duty Payment Centers, Stamp Vendors, Franking Centers and various useful information's and it become very simple to find the rates of property.

CALCULATION TOOLS : We have provided calculators for our users and visitors

Simple Stamp Duty Calculator
Calculate Stamp Duty and Registration Fee on Market Vale or Agreement which ever is higher.

Leave and Licence Calculator
Calculate Stamp duty and Registration Fee for Urban and Rural Area having varring rent.

Stamp Duty Mortgage Calculator
Calculate Stamp duty and Registration Fee on Notice of Intimation, Mortgage Deed (with or without possession).

E. M. I. Calculator
Calculate E.M.I.Amout and Interest etc.

Our user or visitors can download various useful forms which are required in property transation etc.

e-stampdutyreadyreckoner.com is that platform through which we have shared our knowledge and experiences. Reader who goes through the website will get their fundas clear related to stamp duty and registration.

We have a vision where people can do hassle free property transactions and every citizen of this country realize their dream house or dream property and live to enjoy the fulfillment of their dreams.

Website can be useful for individual, real estate broker, estate agents, lawyers, builder, developer, etc.