Villages in Mumbai Suburban District

To calculate the stamp duty of the locality in Mumbai Suburban District you require the Stamp Duty Reckoner Rate and we have provided the facility on this site which can be useful and helpful to you. There are 105 Villages in Mumbai Suburban District in three talukas namely Andheri, Borivali and Kurla.

You can also view the rates of locality with the location of the area, in which Zone the property is situated in the Mumbai Suburban District. The e-Stamp Duty Ready Reckoner Rates are with Zone, Sub Zone, Land Mark and (Chain & Triangulation Survey Number) C. T. S. numbers of each villages in Mumbai Suburban District.

Villages in Taluka Andheri

Zone No. Village Names
20 Bandra - A
21 Bandra - B
22 Bandra - C
23 Bandra - D
24 Bandra - E
25 Bandra - F
26 Bandra - G
27 Bandra - H
28 Bandra - I
29 Bandra - East
30 Parigha Creek
31 Kole Kalyan
32 Bapnala
33 Sahar
34 Brahmanwada
35 Chakala
36 Vile Parle - East
37 Vile Parle - West
38 Juhu
39 Andheri
40 Gundhvali
41 Mulgaon
42 Kondivita
43 Marol
44 Parjapur
45 Varvali
46 Mogra
47 Ambivali
48 Madh
49 Versova
50 Oshiwara
51 Bandivli
52 Ismalia
53 Majas

Villages in Taluka Borivali

Zone Villages
54 Maroshi
55 Aarey
56 Goregaon
57 Goregaon - West
58 Goregaon - East
59 Pahadi Eksar
60 Chincholi
61 Dindoshi
62 Malad - East
63 Malad - South
64 Malad - North
65 Erangal
66 Darvali
67 Akse
68 Marve
69 Malvani
70 Valanai
71 Wadhvan
72 Kurar
73 Sai
74 Klerabad
75 Gundgaon
76 Tulsi
77 Akurli
78 Poisar
79 Kandivali
80 Charkop
81 Manori
82 Gorai
83 Borivali
84 Shimpoli
85 Kanheri
86 Magathane
87 Eksar
88 Poisar
89 Dahisar

Villages in Taluka Kurla

Zone Villages
90 Mahul
91 Nanale
92 Turbe
93 Mandale
94 Manbudruk
95 Vadhavali
96 Aanik
97 Marvali
98 Chembur
99 Borla
100 Deonar
101 Mankhurd
102 Ghatkopar
103 Ghatkopar - Kirol
104 Kirol
105 Kurla - 1
106 Kurla -2
107 Kurla - 3
108 Kurla - 4
109 Mohili
110 Asalpha
111 Vikroli
112 Hariyali
113 Tirandaz
114 Powai
115 Chandivli
116 Saki
117 Tungava
118 Kopri
119 Paspoli
120 Kanjur
121 Bhandup
122 Nahur
123 Mulund - West
124 Mulund - East

To find true Market Value of the Property you should know in which Village of the Taluka the property is situated, from e-stamp Duty Ready Reckoner, you can locate the valuation Zone and its Sub – Zones, and then afterward check for the C. T. S. (Chain & Triangulation Survey ) Number from the tables. The rates are in the square meter built-up area. Then you have to multiply the rate with the area, increase the rate for the lift or decrease the rate for depreciation in the old buildings as per implication of Guideline to get fare Market Value. There are various factors that are given in the guideline for getting True Market Value. Cross-check all the facts and figures from the Stamp Duty & Registration Department in the Jurisdiction.

Note: For the calculation of stamp duty and registration fees, on the document which involves various complicated issues involving various articles under which the stamp duty and registration fees are ascertained and one has to refer to the relevant acts and notifications from time to time for any changes.

How to calculate Market Value & Capital Value

We have explained in details how to calculate Market value of Property, for paying Stamp Duty and Registration Fee, and have explained in details how to calculate Capital Value of property for Municipal Assessment Tax.

How To Pay Stamp Duty And Registration Fee

Maharashtra State Government has provided various types of facilities to the public for the payment of Stamp Duty through various types of mode and has appointed Nationalized Banks, Schedule Banks, Private Banks and the Co-operative Banks which are authorized by Reserve Bank of India. With view that the facility of payment of stamp duty is made easily available to the public therefore different arrangements are in force.

Online Leave and License Registration

The Department of Registration and Stamp, Maharashtra State Government had appointed Authorised Service Providers to register Leave and License Agreement in Maharashtra.

Important Timeline of Maharashtra State

We have provided the Timeline Events of Registration and Stamp Department, Maharashtra State.