First time in the India, both Stamp Duty and Registration fee can be paid together in Maharashtra State through e-SBTR from selected authorised banks, online or accross the bank counter. We have provided the names of banks providing e-SBTR facility and there toll free numbers for your help Toll Free Numbers.

# Names of Banks Toll Free No.
1) I. D. B. I. Bank. 18002001947
2) Bank of Maharashtra. 18002334526
3) Punjab National Bank. 18001802222
4) Canara Bank. 18004250018

Stamp Duty and Registration department is collecting stamp duty through Non Judicial Stamp Paper, Franking, e-Stamping, and this system of collecting stamp duty was having their own security issues and duplication issues.

Revenue Collection Department therefore needed new system which is much more secure than the above payment system and this gave birth to e-SBRT (Electronic Secured Bank Treasury Receipt) is a receipt of duty (evidencing payment into the government account), printed on Secure Stationery which was introduce on 26th July, 2013, which was an alternative for e-Stamping in Maharashtra State.

e-SBTR is written on a prescribed letter paper equipped by Indian Security press (Nashik) with in-designed safety features, e-SBTR seems like traditional Non-Judicial Stamp Paper.

e-SBTR is valid for each registerable and optionally registerable documents wherever the tax amount is minimum Rs 5000/- or higher value.

Note: Validity of e-SBTR Stamp Paper is 6 months only.

Link : https://www.mahaconnect.in/eSBTRExternal

Link : https://epayment.canarabank.in/MHestamp/epayhome.aspx

Link : https://etax.idbibank.co.in/IGR/

Link : https://gateway.netpnb.com/mahastamp/home.html

For further more details or information on e-payment for stamp duty purpose please do visit to Department of Registration and Stamps Government of Maharashtra.

Link : http://www.igrmaharashtra.gov.in/

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How To Pay Stamp Duty And Registration Fee

Maharashtra State Government has provided various types of facilities to the public for the payment of Stamp Duty through various types of mode and has appointed Nationalized Banks, Schedule Banks, Private Banks and the Co-operative Banks which are authorized by Reserve Bank of India. With view that the facility of payment of stamp duty is made easily available to the public therefore different arrangements are in force.

Online Leave and License Registration

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