Online Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

While making payment for stamp duty and registration fee through online, all the information and details should be input properly and correctly, once you submit the form and payment is confirm and then realized about any mistake it will put you in trouble. So be sure and carefully. If you are not confident about the same take the help of professional in these field such as Advocate or Stamp Duty Consultant.

Which banks are authorized to collect the payments of stamp duty and registration fee through internet banking ?

Registration and Stamps department has authorized limited banks that can collect stamp duty and registration fees through internet banking which are as follows; Andhra Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Central Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, I. D. B. I. Bank, Indian Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of India, State Bank of Patyala, Union Bank and Vijaya Bank.
You can make payment through GRAS (Government Receipts Accounting System) Finance Department (FD) Government of Maharashtra through the website: https://gras.mahakosh.gov.in/echallan/

Which banks are authorized to collect the payments of stamp duty and registration fee through E-SBTR ?

There are only 4 banks which are authorised to issues E-SBTR which are as follows Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, I. D. B. I. Bank and Punjab National Bank.

Note : You can not make only registration fee through E-SBTR. (You can pay only registration fee through simple receipt only).

What types of online payment modes are available to pay stamp duty and registration fee ?

The Registration and Stamp Department has provided various online modes to pay the stamp duty and registration fee through Internet Banking, Debit Card, Simple Receipts and ESBTR.

SIMPLE RECEIPT : Is a receipt which is printed on normal paper (paper size A4) which is a proof of payment made towards stamp duty and registration fee. This receipt has to attach to the relevant instrument / document (Whether the instrument / document which has to be register). Minimum amount for simple receipt is Rs. 300/- or higher value. Normally Simple receipt which are only valid for paying stamp duty and registration fee on those documents or instruments related to immovable property which has to be register.

E-SBTR : Just look like traditional Non-Judicial Stamp Paper which is printed on special stationery paper within built security features which are supplied to the listed banks i.e (Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, I. D. B. I. Bank and Punjab National Bank) by Indian Security Press which is in Nashik.

OFFLINE (Across Bank Counter) : Any person can pay stamp duty and registration fee in SIMPLE RECEIPT or E-SBTR by CASH, DEMAND DRAFT (Outstation cheque or Demand Draft not allowed) / CHEQUE (local cheque allowed subject to clearance) in favor of respective bank or pay through remit the requisite amount by way of NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) from his bank to designated account at the selected branches of listed banks

E-SBTR (Electronic-Secure Bank and Treasury Receipt) has to attach to the relevant instrument / document (Whether the instrument / document which has to be register or not). Minimum amount for E-SBTR is Rs. 5000/- or higher value.

NOTE: RTGS remittance is not allowed by IDBI Bank.

Yes the State Bank of India (SBI) has a facility to pay stamp duty and registration fee through Debit Card.

The procedure for making payment of stamp duty and registration through GRAS which is as below;

1. Visit GRAS website https://gras.mahakosh.gov.in

2. Click Pay without Registration

3. Select payment mode as e-payment

4. Select Department name as Inspector General of Registration

5. Select payment type as Non-Judicial Stamp Duty Customer Payment or Registration Fees

6. Select applicable Scheme Name

7. Select applicable Office Name where you want to visit. (Receipt can be used anywhere in concurrent jurisdiction)

8. Select applicable Period (Year) as current financial year.

9. Select One Time / Adhoc in next selection box

10. Enter Payment amount in Amount

11. Select applicable Article Code

12. Enter party details, one from each side. For more people, simply write +2, +3, etc. along with first name. Enter details of property in transaction

13. Select "Bank" from drop list through which payment has to be done.

14. Challan would be generated in " MTR Form Number 6 " Verify the details of challan if details are correct, click on 'Proceed for Payment', otherwise click cancel and re-enter details. Note down the GRN displayed on screen and then click 'OK' Selected bank's website will open Enter login id and password of bank, Confirm Payment and finally the e-Challan will be generated print the same and sign it, and attach the e-challan to document.

Make Note : You can not make any correction or modification after generating the payment receipt. The Government of Maharashtra has not provided such facilities for any kind of correction or modification after payment procedure is completed.

Below list is of customer care toll free helpline number of banks for general enquiries and supports. Customers can call on the below number for help and assistance which are toll free number so no call charges will apply.

Toll Free Numbers.

# Names of Banks Toll Free No.
1) Andhra Bank 1800 425 2905
2) Bank of Baroda 1800 102 4455
3) Bank of India 1800 22 0229
4) Bank of Maharashtra 1800 233 4526
1800 102 2636
5) Canara Bank 1800 425 0018
6) Central Bank of India 1800 200 1911
7) Corporation Bank 1800 425 3555
8) Dena Bank 1800 233 6427
9) I.D. B. I. Bank 1800 200 1947
10) Indian Overseas Bank 1800 425 4445
11) Punjab National Bank 1800 180 2222
12) State Bank of Hyderabad 1800 425 1825
13) State Bank of India 1800 425 3800
14) State Bank of Patiala 1800 180 2010
15) Union Bank 1800 22 2244
16) Vijaya Bank 1800 425 4066

Help Line Numbers of Gras and Inspection General of Stamps

This is a help line number provided by the below listed department for the public for any query regarding the payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fee, general inquiries and supports. Public can call on the number for help and assistance which are charged number so call charges will apply.

# Government Department Maharashtra State Call No.
1) GRAS Helpline 022 22040564
2) IGR Helpline 8888007777

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