Index 1, 2, 3 and 4 / Suchi 1, 2, 3, and 4

1) Index 1 and Index 2 are prepared for the instrument related to immovable property such as (Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Agreement for Sale, Leave and License Agreement etc.).
Index 1 : Is prepared according to the initial of the parties name in the document.

Index 2 : Is prepared according to the village name in the document is located.

2) Index 3 is prepared for the Will.

3) Index 4 is prepared for miscellaneous instrument such as document related to movable property etc.

In Maharashtra State the local term is in used as Suchi-2 for Index-2.

Index II is an extract which one gets it after registering the document of immovable property.

It is a kind of extract issued by the registration department as an official record of document or transaction recorded in the records of registering authority making it confirm that the transaction have been completed. Only certified copy is valid.

Index-2 is very important document while taking loan on the property from bank or financial institution they ask for certified copy of Index-2 of the said property.

Type of Document: Sale Deed, Agreement for Sale, Gift Deed, Transfer, Mortgage Deed, Exchange of property etc.

Consideration amount of property.

Detail of Property such as Municipal Jurisdiction, Zone and Sub Zone with Land Mark, Property description such as C. T. S. Number, Survey Number, Hissa Number, Gat Number, Floor number etc.
Area of property in square meter built-up

Nature of property such as land residential unit (Flat/Room/Bungalow), Commercial Unit (Office / Shop) and Industrial Unit

Name of parties Vendor(s) – Vendee(s) / Transferrer(s) –Transferee(s) / Assignor(s) –Assignee(s) etc.

Execution Date

Document present for registration date

Registration Serial Number

Stamp Duty Paid amount

Registration Fee.

To avoid fraud in property one has to conduct search of property. Buying property or taking loan on property by mortgaging, transaction search report is essential to check chain of transactions history, has to physically search all previous registered documents to related property.

1) To search a specific registered document and Index - II or

2) To search all registered documents of a specific property and its Index - II and or

3) To search all documents of a specific person or party and its Index - I

In Application one has to mentioning information and period as stated above and Affix 5/- court fee stamp (in label form) on the application.

Search Charges: 25/- per year for search according to property or by the name for every name or every property. Minimum Charges is 300/-for first 12 years and 25/-per year thereafter. Fees should be paid in cash.

Application Forms for Search Click Here

How to get certified copy of Index II?

To get certified copy of Index II, one has to make an application under section 57 of Registration Act, 1908 and Rule 73 of Registration Rule, 1961 to Concerned Sub Registrar office where the document is registered.

In Application one has to mention the Document Serial No. e.g. BRL1 /....…………../2015, and the year of registration. Affix 5/- court fee stamp (in label form) on the application.

Stamp Duty : As per Article 26 of Schedule I of Maharashtra Stamp Act, in way of court fee stamp (in label form) of 20/-

Coping Charges : 5/- for each page as registration fee tables in cash

Time Period : Is within 7 days if the document is registered after year 2002 and if prior to 2002, then it requires 15 days from the date of payment of copying charges.

Certified Copy : Of Index II received from the Office of Sub Registrar is applicable as evidence for proving as original Index II.

Application Forms for Index II Click Here

Yes, Registration and Stamps Department, Maharashtra State Government is the fist to introduce “ e Search ” in the country in real time. The facility is free and paid search available on the website of Registration and Stamps Department, Maharashtra State Government, namely :

Free Search Facility on line: Citizen can down load free of cost.

Paid Search facility online: Fees have to be paid online through e-Search portal only. 'Search Fee' paid can also be used to do same physical search in Sub Registrar Office, you won't be required to pay fee again for physical search.

Note: e Search down loaded printed copy(s) is not certified copy(s) by the Department. Therefore this document / data are for information purpose only. (Cannot be treated as legal copies).

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