Public Information Officer (PIO)

Public Information Officer and their Appellate Authorities of the Department of Registration and Stamps, Maharashtra State

To File an application under Right to Information Act, 2005 gives the status of a fundamental right under Article 19(1) of the Constitution.

When making RTI application one should know the correct Office, PIO, and address for filing RTI.

For making an application under RTI you have to file your application with the concerned Office to concerned Public Information Officer (PIO). Listed below are the concerned PIO and Appellate Authority.

Sr. No.OfficePublic Information OfficerAppellate Authority
1)Sub-RegistrarConcerned Sub-RegistrarJoint District Registrar
of Concerned District
2)Marriage OfficerConcerned Marriage OfficerJoint District Registrar
of Concerned District
3)Joint District RegistrarAdministrative Officer & Joint District Registrar Class - 2 of the Concerned OfficeJoint District Registrar
of Concerned District
4)Deputy Inspector General RegistrationAdminstrative Officer &
Joint District Registrar
Class - 2
Concerned Deputy Inspector General Registration
5)Inspector General RegistrationAssistant Inspector General Registration
& Desk Officer No.9
Deputy Inspector General Registration (Head Quarter)
6)General Stamp OfficeSuperintendent of StampsAdditional Controller of Stamps
7)Government Photo Registry Office, PuneAdministrative Officer Class 2Manager, Government Photo Registry Office, Pune
8)Collector of Stamps, Mumbai DivisionSub-Registrar, Grade 1 in the concerned OfficeConcerned Collector of Stamps
9)Deputy Director / Assistant Director, Town Planning, (Valuation) Concerned Deputy Director / Assistant Director, Town Planning, (Valuation) Joint Director, Town Planning, (Valuation) Maharashtra State, Pune
10)Joint Director, Town Planning, (Valuation) Maharashtra State, PuneTown PlanerJoint Director, Town Planning, (Valuation) Maharashtra State, Pune

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We have provided for the user to download required applications for applying under RTI.

Download RTI Application

Download RTI 1st Appeal

Download RTI 2nd Appeal

Credit Source: Registration & Stamp Department, Pune, Maharashtra.

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