Superintendent of Stamps

Address : Superintendent of Stamps Office,
Central Library Building, Old Custom House,
Sahid Bhagatsingh Road,
Mumbai 400001.

The Superintendent of Stamps, Bombay, is the authority who controls the supply and sale of stamps in the State. In the district the Collector holds general charge of the district administration of the stamps department as the administrative head of the district. The stock of stamps is kept in the district treasury, under the Treasury Officer, and in the Sub-Treasuries.

For stamp vending there are counters, where, Special Adhesive Stamps are sold, Revenue Stamps, Share Transfer Stamps, Insurance Stamps, Foreign Bill Stamps and Brokers Note Stamps are sold.

With view that the facility of payment of stamp duty is made easily available to the public therefore different arrangements are in force.

Stamp Papers and Adhesive Stamps are made available to the people of Mumbai at the below following Centers.

Sr. No. Types of Stamps Stamps Cell Center


Non-Judicial Stamps

Through Licensed Stamps Vendors
2) Judicial Stamp Paper and
Judicial Adhesive Stamps
i) At the Window Number 13 of the General Stamp Office, Mumbai.
ii) At the Sale Center of the General Stamps Office located in premises of Mumbai High Court.
iii) At Licensed Stamp Vendors (upto Rs. 3000/-)
3) Insurance Stamps (Upto Rs. 100), Notarial Stamps and Indian Revenue Stamps At Window No. 13 in the General Stamp Office, Mumbai
4) Special Adhesive Stamps required for Gas Agency Agreement At Window No. 12 in the General Stamp Office, Mumbai
5) i) Bill of Exchange
ii) Debenture
iii) Promissory Notes
iv) Letter of Credit
v) Insurance Documents
Given for Franking at General Stamp Office, Mumbai after online payment of amount through GRAS System (Limit Upto 5000/-)
5) Share Transfer By Franking through B.O.I. Shareholding Limited (BOISHCL) (Limit Upto 5000/-)

In the Maharashtra State every District Treasury Office and in the Taluka Sub-Treasury Office and the licensed stamp vendors supply the stamps required in sufficient quantity. Moreover, in Maharashtra the following stamp vending counters are active for availability of the stamp.

In Court Premises

Here you can get Judicial Stamp Paper, Non Judicial Stamps, Court Fees Stamps, and Notarial Stamps.

In Talukas

Moreover, with a view that the general public should not suffer any inconvenience in payment of stamp duty and the stamps are available easily therefore.

In Post Offices

In the State the facility for selling the stamp papers through the post offices are made available.

In Banks

Nationalized banks and Co-operative Banks are authorised for selling Stamp Papers and through impression franking license for franking the documents.

Authorised Vendors

The sale of stamps to the public is made by the stamp vendors appointed by the Collector on payment of commission to them. The stamp vendors purchase the stamps from the Treasury and Sub-Treasuries and sale them to the public.

Can individual get Stamp Vendor License to sell non judicial stamp papers in Maharashtra State?

NO, The Maharashtra Government had stopped issuing new stamp vendor license to (individual) to sell non judicial stamp papers in Maharashtra after the Telgi scam in 1994 and the department has introduce franking facilities for public as an alternative to make the payment towards stamp duty to traditional (physical) stamp papers, but after bogus franking impressions were detected on instruments / documents the government had stopped to make franking amount greater than Rs. 5000/- on Instrument / document.

Maharashtra state government is only issuing a license to institutional (banks) only.

Maharashtra state government have facilitated various mode of payment for paying stamp duty through online or offline payment mode i.e. e-Challan, E-SBRT which is safe and more secure than the traditional method.

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Maharashtra State Government has provided various types of facilities to the public for the payment of Stamp Duty through various types of mode and has appointed Nationalized Banks, Schedule Banks, Private Banks and the Co-operative Banks which are authorized by Reserve Bank of India. With view that the facility of payment of stamp duty is made easily available to the public therefore different arrangements are in force.

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